A Look at Some Great EduLinks Around the Web

Tracy is speaking my language:

The very best teachers spend every day of their lives ignoring or subverting the curriculum.

I agree heartily.  It seems my best units this year have been ones when I have been the most creative and experimental with the content(persuasion, commercials,logical fallacies, school design  than the ones that I’ve tried to do “by the book”  (short stories).  Great teachers know what their students need and help them find it.


Elsewhere, Jim Burke has made a really cool picture…. I admit I am looking at this to see if I do all these things with my students (I’m pretty sure I do.  Sometimes it’s pulling teeth, but we do).

Jim Burke Read Wheel

2 thoughts on “A Look at Some Great EduLinks Around the Web

  1. Thanks for the mention, Jason. To be fair, those weren’t my words. I think I traced them back through multiple tweets to Alfie Kohn 🙂

    Also, thanks for the link to Jim Burke’s graphic. I hadn’t seen it before.